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About Us

DEL Digital is your one stop shop for artists, musicians, labels, and entrepreneurs looking to promote and manage their music business. We’re located in Los Angeles, CA but work with artists all over the globe to provide music distribution, marketing services, rights management, royalty accounting, music licensing, video monetization, and more.
We’re a sister company of DEL Records, one of the most successful Latin independent entertainment record labels and brands in Mexican and Latin music. But it doesn’t matter what kind of music you create or where you’re from, we work with all genres, styles, industries, and backgrounds. Our goal is to empower independent musicians to reach their professional goals. This means we’re giving them the latest and most powerful team & technology, we’re teaming up with them to create a distribution strategy that is customized to them, and helping them distribute their music in the best way possible.
If you’re looking for one place to market and manage your music empire. You just found it!

How It Works

We are a one-stop-shop for musicians looking to build a long-term music career and successfully manage the distribution and promotion of their music and brand.

Up And Coming

This is music artists that have massive talent and potential. They are building a solid fan base and ready to do big things.

On The Verge

A smaller group of artists that have already received some notoriety and are on the verge of breaking through.


These are musicians that have reached large-scale distribution and are ready to sign a full-scale distribution / recording deal.

Trusted by global brands


When you team up with DEL Digital, we can take you places you never thought possible. We only work with artists we believe in though. To find out if it’s a good fit, apply and submit your music today!